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Pastor Delasie Dela-Seshie Memorial Scholarship 

The Pastor Delasie Dela-Seshie Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Pastor Delasie Dela-Seshie, who in February 2010, passed away from cancer.


Pastor Delasie came to America with his family in 1985 to follow the call on his life to have a ministry in the United States. He pastored for 30 years and was a beloved Principal of Amazing Grace Christian School for 12 years.   During his time in ministry and leading Amazing Grace he made a great impact on many lives, as well as the surrounding community. As a father of 6, Pastor Delasie's legacy continues today, through not only his children but also through his wife Pastor Margaret Dela-Seshie, who continues to lead their ministry; All Grace Harvest Church.

Each year a $1,000.00 scholarship will be awarded to up to two promising high school seniors/undergraduate college students or $1500.00 to a student studying Theological and ministerial studies. One student who is residing in United States of America and student who is a resident of Ghana, West Africa.  To be considered for the Scholarship applicants may be attending any public, private or parochial school within the United States or Accra Ghana. Well-rounded high school seniors and/or Freshman college students who demonstrate a commitment of volunteer service to our community are encouraged to apply.


Awarding of the Pastor Delasie Dela-Seshie Memorial Scholarship is contingent on several criteria including acceptance to and enrollment in a two- or four-year college, and a complete application and two letters of recommendation. Additionally, applicants are required to submit an essay demonstrating their passion to serve God through their chosen career path. This essay should 500-750 words and sent as a Word Document. The Scholarship applicants can also include a 1-3-minute video sharing why the scholarship would be impactful for them.  The Scholarship recipients are expected to use their resources wisely, and uphold a high standard of conduct.

The Pastor Delasie Dela-Seshie Memorial Scholarship award is an outright grant. Although recipients are under no obligation to make repayment, it is our hope that once graduated and engaged in a productive career they will help honor the memory of Pastor Delasie Dela-Seshie by giving future students similar financial opportunity.

How to Apply:
The Pastor Delasie Dela-Seshie Memorial Scholarship application process will be conducted online here. ALL required attachments, except letters of recommendation, must be submitted at the same time your application is submitted. DO NOT send materials separately. Only those applications filed online will be given consideration.

Your complete application, including all attachments, can be completed and submitted here. Deadline for filing is 11:59pm EDT June 20th, 2021. Letters of recommendation must be sent by email (scanned and verified) or mailed and postmarked no later than 11:59pm EDT on June 20th, 2021. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Your application will be reviewed by members of the Scholarship Committee. Selection will be based on a student’s commitment to service in our community, overall academic progress and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Students will be notified by email of any scholarship award or denial on or before August 1st, 2021.

Application Requirements:

  • Completed application by June 20th, 2021
  • Official high school transcript showing a GPA of at least 2.5.
  • A brief description of planned area of study and career goals
  • An essay must accompany your application. It must be typed, double spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font and should be no more two pages long.

Essay Question: Please describe how you plan to demonstrating your passion to serve God through their chosen career path.

  • Two letters of recommendation. Letter should be mailed directly to:

All Grace Harvest Church

Pastor Delasie Dela-Seshie Memorial Scholarship

26 Park View Street

Boston, MA 02121


Remember! Keep a copy of your application for your records.
Questions? Call 401-537-8296

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


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